Adaikkalam Andras has been living in Ajax since 2016 along with his parents, wife and beloved three children. He graduated from McMaster University in 2011 with a degree in life sciences. Despite acquiring significant knowledge within the field he specialized in, he continued to explore and work in different domains correlated to his passions.

Hence, he integrated his daily lifestyle and passions by working in different areas and pursuing greater knowledge. This included starting a small business to be able to give back and support the community, taking part in sports clubs such as cricket, soccer, and tennis to stay mentally and physically fit while building a family-like bond with other residents, and participating in the Parents Council of his local school to stay informed and take/support necessary actions to result in growth. While gaining positive experiences, these passions instigated him to deeply reflect on the stakeholders involved, which included the residents of Ajax. The synergy of community, politics, and family culminates, at this point, as a desired future perspective of his integration between his passions and his daily lifestyle. Adaikkalam Andras is looking forward to committing this phase of his life to providing high-quality municipal services in a cost-efficient manner, while keeping the interests of stakeholders, Ajax residents, in mind.


Community safety

Community safety is a concern that ranges from our children to our senior residents is a principal duty, which we will focus on and fulfill together.


The need for better traffic infrastructure and speed control is rapidly increasing due to the growing population. Let’s make this a reality!

Unemployment / development

A growing population results in a larger workforce where more jobs are required. Let's join together to develop sustainable job opportunities for our residents!

Community programs

The need for additional community programs is strikingly apparent among our town. Let’s look forward to creating possibilities for residents to interact and grow together!

Together we can meet the challenges of a growing community, lets make the positive change happen. Your vote is your voice, cast your vote.

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